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How to shoot natural headshots

One of the questions that I get asked most often as a photographer is “how do you get your headshots to look natural?” And my approach is the same every time - I have a good conversation.

I listened to a recent TED talk, and it reminded me of all the great things that come from a really good conversation - things like energy, inspiration, engagement and connection - all of which look great on camera. So I approach every portrait and corporate headshot session with the same curiosity and honesty as I would any other conversation. It is one of the best parts about being a headshot photographer in a city as diverse as Hong Kong - I get to meet someone new almost everyday, and a great conversation to go along with it.

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Corporate Headshots at Business Conference in Hong Kong

Finding the time for a much needed corporate headshot session is one of the biggest challenges our clients face - but one company found a perfect solution by having us set up a small photography studio during their multiple-day business conference in Hong Kong. Executives around the region convened for workshops, discussions and networking with industry colleagues. These corporate headshots were taken at a function room in between the conference sessions. Our photography equipment setup allowed us to shoot quickly, select images on a laptop immediately while maintaining a consistent look across all the headshots.

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Office portrait photography for Facebook

Last month we went on-location to Facebook to photograph portraits in their Hong Kong office. We were hired out of the US where this project was being coordinated - with the goal to show both the "togetherness" and individuality of cultures across the companies staff globally.

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Recent corporate headshots in the studio
corporate headshot hong kong executive corporate casual female smiling

2015 is flying by fast, and I've finally had a chance to look back at some of the executives and entrepreneurs that have come by our Central studio for their profile photos. I always enjoy thinking back to some of the interesting chats I was able to have during these sessions - here are some of my favorite portraits from the first half of the year.

corporate headshot hong kong executive chinese girl smiling casual professional
corporate headshot hong kong executive light background male smiling friendly
corporate headshot hong kong executive female light background professional
corporate headshot hong kong executive professional banker portrait in studio dark background
corporate headshot hong kong executive professional portrait photoshoot male smiling
corporate headshot hong kong male executive professional photo in studio dark background
corporate headshot hong kong male female smiling dark background
corporate headshot hong kong two female executives smiling dark background
corporate headshot hong kong professional photography females in formal attire
Corporate headshot photography for company website

Corporate portrait photography for an electronics design company based in Hong Kong. The headshots were used for their website and corporate marketing materials. I love photographing for this type of look - slightly stylized lighting with a touch of individual personality with each portrait.

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New Beginnings - Personal Headshots in Hong Kong

There is something about getting a fresh new set of personal headshots in Hong Kong while embarking on a new career path, arriving at a new company, or moving to a new home country. Here are some of the stories behind some of our recent studio sessions.

Deborah is a stylist and personal shopper - these photos will be used for her new online and social media presences.

Hong Kong headshot portrait chinese woman smiling wearing veil gray background
Hong Kong headshot portrait chinese woman smiling black dress gray background


Paula has been in education for a a number of years before moving to Hong Kong for the government's Native-English Speaking Teacher (NET) program. She's not sure what her next career step will be but she does know that it will be in her hometown of San Francisco where she is moving back to.

Hong Kong headshot portrait chinese woman smiling in front of gray background
Hong Kong headshot portrait outdoor Victoria Harbour asian female looking back smiling
...and check out this amazing rendition created by Cynthia, one of her students!

...and check out this amazing rendition created by Cynthia, one of her students!

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