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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get to your studio?

Our photography studio is located on 15 Queen Victoria Street just off of Queens Road in Central - Google Maps.

If you are coming from Central it is a very easy walk. From the start of the Mid-levels escalator, you can walk down and cross Queens Road Central to reach Queen Victoria Street. Our building entrance is about 3 stores down the hill on the right. We are on the 6th floor of 15 Queen Victoria Street in Unit 602.

If you are taking a taxi, tell your driver Central, Queen Victoria Street (域多利皇后街) - it is a one way street and only two blocks long. Get off at the top of Queen Victoria Street at the intersection of Queens Road Central. You can also get off at the The Center (中環中心) which is the closest and biggest landmark only 1-block away.

Central can be get very busy with traffic and delays so plan accordingly (or email us if you are from out of town and want to know how much travel time to budget).  

Is there parking near your studio?

There is a car park in the nearby Man Yee Building (entrance is on Pottinger Street), The Center (entrance is on Jubilee Street) or IFC.

I hate having my photo taken. FML?

We get it. For most of us, taking photos sucks. If you fall in this category, let us know when you arrive and we’ll make extra sure to work quickly and efficiently. Our top priority is to make sure you are completely comfortable. For studio sessions, we shoot “tethered” to the computer so you will be able to review immediately and guarantee that you are happy with the images.

How long is each session?  What will you shoot?

Individual sessions are 30 or 60 minutes depending on the package. Corporate sessions vary with the size of the group. We shoot a variation of angles and expressions, then you and the photographer carefully select your favorite images for retouching. 

What should I wear?

Men: Standard business look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie. Casual business can include a jacket and open dress shirt, a shirt and tie without jacket, or a dress shirt on it’s own. For a casual look without jacket, colored shirts work better – avoid a white dress shirt by itself unless it is underneath a jacket or sweater. Generally, clothes that are comfortable, fit well, and are neatly pressed always look great. Avoid busy patterns and large lines/stripes. Colored accents (like a tie or pocket square) can help add color or even complement colored eyes.

Women: Generally have a little bit more flexibility – standard business look is a jacket and a collared or collarless shirt/blouse. An open neckline can be quite flattering. Plain colors work well – blue, green, wine and purple are universally nice. Avoid big prints, busy patterns and large lines/stripes. For a casual look without jacket, colored shirts work better – avoid a white shirt by itself unless it is underneath a jacket or sweater. Generally, clothes that are comfortable, fit well, and are neatly pressed always look great. Keep jewelry small and simple – or it may distract from your face.

Do you provide makeup? Should I get makeup?

Our makeup artist can provide makeup in our studio or on-location immediately before the photo session for an additional fee (advance booking required).

Makeup will improve how you look on camera – models, actors and TV personalities always have makeup! That being said, small acne, blemishes, eye bags etc. are easily removed in post-production – so if you have a long night or a new pimple decides to pop up right before your headshot session, you can rely on our retouching instead of of makeup to cover up. About 10% of our male clients and about 20% of our female clients have makeup professionally done before their headshot session. 

What about my hair?

You know your hair best so if it will need some product or a comb by that time of day, bring it with you. We generally don’t recommend getting your hair cut or colored the day before or, even worse, on the day of your session. You may not actually like the style and men in particular may have bits of hair on their forehead. Women should have a think beforehand about tying hair up, back, or down - review in the mirror the night before you’re not sure.

What else do I need to prepare?

To the extent possible, rest well the night before, eat clean and stay hydrated. If thats not possible, then there is retouching…

What is included in retouching?

We apply what we call “standard retouching” to all images that delivered by our studio – the goal is to make you look as neat and clean as possible, including: lightening wrinkles or eye bags, removing pimples, lint or fly-away hairs, reducing shine, whitening teeth, and smoothing out "bumps" in jacket shoulders or sleeves. If requested, we may additionally make the face slightly less round, slim arms, or enlarge one eye slightly to make more symmetrical. Any request outside of the above is subject to feasibility, and therefore may not be possible.

We never retouch to the point of looking fake.

Can you change the background in photoshop?

Generally, no. Professional models travel all over the world to shoot ad campaigns in front of the perfect backdrop – because a photoshopped background almost never looks as good as shooting in front of the real thing. Therefore, it is always preferable to shoot with actual backgrounds instead of photoshop.

We recommend letting us know ahead of time what type of background you need if you have specific requirements.